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Why Does Dr. Davis Use a Microscope?


I want to answer a question that one of our patients at our Buckhead dental office asked the other day.  I had just taken an impression and was headed to the lab to check it under the microscope and the patient asked why I used a microscope.  I helped the patient understand that we use a microscope to make sure our restorations (crowns, veneers, onlays) fit the way our patients deserve them to. Unfortunately we see many crowns and veneers that do not fit as well as they should.  This can lead to problems such as recurrent decay, inflammation in the gums around the tooth, tooth sensitivity, unsightly staining around the restoration, de-cementation and loosening of the restoration or even having the restoration come out.  If a restoration does not fit the way it should, bacteria in your saliva can get up under the restoration and cause havoc.  This leads to the restoration having to be replaced prematurely.  Not only is there the financial cost involved in having to redo the restoration but also the biologic cost of lost tooth structure, increased chance of needing a root canal, and damage to the gums and possibly bone around the tooth.

We check each step of the process using magnification to ensure the restorations we place fit the way you deserve them to.  We prepare the teeth with magnification, check the impressions under the microscope to make sure they are accurate, trim the die that the restoration is being fabricated on under the microscope as well as check the fit and contour of the restoration before your appointment to place it in your mouth.  We know your crown or veneer fits before it is tried in your mouth.  So when you come in to have your restoration placed, we fine tune the bite and admire the esthetics.  No one but you and us should know you had any work done.

If you are having any problems with your restorations or want to make sure your dental work fits and looks the way you deserve it to, call our Buckhead dental office.

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