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Smile Gallery

The Beautiful Smiles Created by

Buckhead Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Todd Davis


We can describe dental procedures and the changes they can make in your smile, but nothing conveys the power and possibilities of dentistry like a picture. We’ve included this smile gallery that features some of Dr. Davis’ patients so you can really see and understand just what we can do for your smile.

Vickie did not like her worn and chipped front teeth. We predictably completed porcelain veneers on her front four teeth to restore her beautiful smile.

Katie had peg(or small) lateral incisors. We restored them with porcelain veneers so that she can show off her beautiful smile and no one knows she had anything done.

Helen wanted to change her smile. She did not like her old crown on her front tooth and her wearing and chipping other front tooth. With bleaching, bonding, and a new crown, we restored Helen’s beautiful smile.

Ann was concerned with her chipping and discolored front teeth. We corrected her bite problems that were contributing to the chipping teeth, bleached her teeth, and completed veneers on her upper front four teeth. She wanted a natural look and got it.

Gail had a difficult time smiling because she did not like how her teeth looked. She had old crowns and bridges that were ill-fitting and unaesthetic as well as worn down teeth and restorations. We restored Gail’s beautiful smile with crowns and bridges and she now loves to smile.

Cheryl had her teeth restored three times previously and had broken her bridge on her front teeth each time. She had loose and sore teeth as well as a broken bridge. She was referred to us by another dentist to restore her mouth back to health predictably. We completed a full mouth reconstruction with Cheryl, including implants, crowns, and bridges, to manage her bite problems that were causing the failure of her previous attempts at restoration and restore her beautiful smile.

Sally was referred by another dentist for evaluation of her joint and muscle pain. We eliminated her pain and have her jaw functioning normally. She also was not happy with her smile and we completed new crowns to give her a beautiful, natural, and comfortable smile.

Ellen came to us unhappy with her veneers and wanted to change her smile. She also had multiple cracks in her back teeth as well as ill-fitting veneers and crowns that were unesthetic. We restored Ellen’s mouth with crowns to give her a beautiful smile and restore her damaged teeth.

Dixie was referred to us by another dentist. He had broken a bridge and wanted some implants to replace it. He also had significant wear on his teeth, some loose teeth, and broken down and worn through old fillings and crowns. We completed a full mouth restoration with implants, crowns, and bridges to restore Dixie’s mouth to health predictably.

Sabrina presented with ill-fitting crowns and bridges and worn and chipped front teeth. We completed a full mouth reconstruction with implants, crowns, and bridges with Sabrina to restore her mouth to health and give her the smile she wished for.

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